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Flow - Bio

Flow, rhythm composer, producer and eclectic DJ, behind the label Infinite Recordz, has collaborated with various international artists from France, Costa Rica, and Jamaica, attempting to create an original musical universe, one interested in the global bass movement, and the crossroads between reggae and electronic music. "Analog & Digital Heaven", his creative space, is a place inhabited by vintage synthesizers and most-up-to date tools for music creation, all this elements are in the service of his vision of the future of music, one existing between art and science, emotion and mathematics. After releasing his first EP "Cosmic Jam" in 2014, he initiated an artistic transition; to this day Flow is launching a new series of EPs and remixes, "Mindset Vol.01" (April 2015), "Tropical Hazard" (March 2016), "Mindset Vol.02" (September 2017), "Lunatic EP" (September 2018).